Rafael McGuire was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico) on May 10, 1994. His passion for acting and music originated from the need to understand the people around him as well as from the curiosity to explore other cultures and belief systems around the world, which led him to search for answers in the arts of self-expression. Rafael had the opportunity to begin his acting training with Rodolfo Palacios, renowned actor and film director best known for his role in “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson. His desire to create and discover more about himself inspired him to record music covers and eventually to compose and record original music of his authorship. Soon enough Rafael discovered his passion, not only for acting and music, but also for the production of audiovisual content.

Rafael moved to Hollywood, California where he studied cinematography and film production at The Los Angeles Film School. During this time, he had appearances in independent films that were featured on film festivals across the country including The Sundance Film Festival and The Palm Springs International Film Festival.

In 2018 Rafael released his first original single “Not Nobody” under the production of Esjay Jones who has produced worldwide hits for artists such as Sean Kingston, Jeffree Star and Krewella. “Not Nobody” was made as a tribute to commemorate the memory of Avicii who, according to Rafael, represents his greatest inspiration in music. In addition, “Not Nobody” also represents the beginning of his work as a mental health activist.

In order to strengthen his acting training, Rafael decided to return to his country and move to Mexico City to study an acting career focused on theater. At the same time, Rafael started to create content for social media focused on lifestyle, fitness, art and mental health. In a short time, he reached an audience with over 100,000 followers on Instagram, making him one of the fastest growing influencers in Mexico. As a result of his dedication to a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and a daily commitment to physical training, Rafael started to receive modeling opportunities from national and international brands. His online presence has allowed him to work closely with news outlets and media platforms to raise awareness about mental health care and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Rafael became one of the first artists and public figures in Mexico to talk openly about mental health related topics as he believes that people in Latin America require access to this type information now more than ever.



In a world where life has become more and more complicated, Rafael has taken it upon himself to spread information about mental health awareness and disorders such as anxiety and depression. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rafael has been working hand in hand with newspapers, magazines and digital platforms to share his knowledge and life experiences surrounding mental health. His goal is support people by helping them find the necessary processes and tools to maintain an optimal state of mental health and wellbeing.

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